Noise Canceling Headphones

At our office, we've recently moved to a shared workspace instead of individual offices, and part of the deal was that we each got a set of noise canceling headphones (PXC 300 from Sennheiser).  I was skeptical, but figured pumping music directly into my ears coupled with the muffling effect of the actual headphones would be sufficiently "noise canceling".  Oh, was I in for a surprise.

We finally got them today and I am impressed.  Like not "yeah, they do make it quieter" impressed, but "holy <deleted>, it's like a <deleted>ing concert hall" impressed.

2 responses to “Noise Canceling Headphones”

  1. Matt Garland

    I use them (audio-technica quiet point) when I work at coffeeshops. When you put them on, you can actually hear the noise recede with a hiss. It is surprising.

    However, it works to filter out concussive, deep noises and background roar the best. The odd result is that voices actually become clearer in the coffesshop.

    That's fine when I'm in a conversation…but I'd like phones that block out all levels of noise, as in, complete, monastic silence. That would be productive.

  2. Dan Roberts

    I've dealt with an open office area for the last 7 years. Considered getting noise canceling headphones but I have to answer the phone occasionally. We just moved into a new office though and now I just close my door :-)