One More Reason to Love GMail

Google released a new version of the GMail UI a couple weeks ago.  Not a whole lot different on the surface, but it's noticeably snappier overall, and has a few little improvements throughout (mute from the actions menu, contact detail popups).

I had two main gripes: it doesn't work with the [unsupported] BetterGMail Firefox plugin and the space bar didn't scroll up/down the page anymore (presumably from different key listening stuff).  The UI upgrade is backwards compatible, so you can, at your discretion, flip-flop between the old and new versions.  I debated about continuing on the old version, but I'd only just picked up BetterGMail and so wouldn' t miss it that much, and I figured I could learn to use the scroll wheel like a "normal" person not concerned with shaving literally hundreds of milliseconds of their email reading experience.

I finally got around to complaining about the space bar issue either Friday or Saturday morning.  When I logged on today the space bar scrolled correctly.  This isn't the first time I've gotten rapid gratification for my complaints/suggestions, though it's been a while, mostly because they've fixed all the things that bothered me.  ;)  I'm certainly not going to take sole credit for prompting this patch (or any other), but it's nice to know that as well as producing an email application that is actually user friendly (don't get me started on Outlook which is required at the office), they listen.

4 responses to “One More Reason to Love GMail”

  1. Critter

    There is a better Gmail 2 for UI2, but last I checked it didn't have the "mark read" button… which is the main reason I used it..

  2. Marcelo Wolfgang

    Search they have a betterGmail 2 extension that work with the new gMail and is FF3 compatible.

  3. Adam Tuttle

    Don't complain about being forced to use Outlook when there are still those of us that are forced to use LOTUS NOTES! It can always be worse.