Adobe's *@(#*&$ Browser Requirements

This chaps my @$$ every time I have to set up a new server.  Adobe's site simply blocks if you don't have a JS enabled browser.  I never install a GUI on my servers (why should I?), and every time I need to install CF, I'm stuck downloading it to my local machine, and then uploading back up to the server.  Repeat for each hotfix.  Aaaarrrggghhhh!

8 responses to “Adobe's *@(#*&$ Browser Requirements”

  1. andy matthews

    Why not just browse to the link to the file, transfer the link to your server, then just download it normally from there?

  2. Erwin Verdonk

    Hi Barney,

    I think you havent tried hard enough ;-).

    Coldfusion Download (dont use the dropdown but scrolldown):
    Coldfusion Hotfixes:

    It works for me here without JavaScript.


  3. tony petruzzi

    put a copy of the thing on a UNC share, a CD or a thumbdrive and stop your bitching already.


  4. Cozmo

    Potential solution:

    I wrote a CF script a while back that would log me into the site and create dns Records. I don't have the code lying around or I would post it. Basically I used the cfhttp and cfhttpparam type = "Cookie" to maintain the session.

    As far as JS enabled you might want to try spoofing the browser like so.

    cfhttp useragent="some JS enabled browser"

    I would do it on CF for POC and then port it to PHP or Python if it works.

  5. Sean Corfield

    Why would you download the files every time you get a new server? Surely you keep the downloaded files all in a shared storage area somewhere and then you'd just copy the files onto the new server?

    In fact we actually kept the CF installer and hotfixes under SVN so that we can manage the configuration of our servers more easily.