Taco Wagon Map

I love taco wagons, but I can never find them.  So I made a taco wagon map on Google Maps' new My Maps feature.  There's no collaboration features built into it yet, unfortunately, but if you know of other wagons, let me know and I'll add them.

One response to “Taco Wagon Map”

  1. Rob Brooks- Bilson

    Hey Barney,

    I have a map of Phoenix area sushi restaurants I put together recently:


    I like the new My Maps feature, but I think there are still a lot of features missing. Besides collaboration that you mentioned, there's no easy for people who have google accounts to save their favorite maps. Also, for map makers, it would be useful to be able to rearrange pins since Google insists on separating entries into multiple pages. For my sushi map, it's only two pages, but since the results aren't in order, all of the pins don't show up on a single page, and paging from one set to the next results in restaurants that are in close proximity to each other showing up on different map pages.