Charlie's Stalking

Charlie Arehart is stalking bloggers, and wants the bloggers to help.  Just kidding, of course, but he makes a good point about the anonymity of a lot of blogs.  I can't say I'm all over the personal sharing, but I've at least got my name and a contact form available.  People can build enormous personal brand by blogging, but if the brand isn't obviously attached to you the blogger, it's of little benefit to you when you go for a job interview or the like.  So get your name on you blog, and make sure that if you participate on mailing lists, you use the SAME name, furthering both the branding and the brand relevance.

One response to “Charlie's Stalking”

  1. Charlie Arehart

    Thanks for helping spread the word, Barney. As you say, "get your name on your blog". That's all I was really asking, at a minimum also, though yes I just went further to suggest that some may appreciate a bio and email address.

    Good point about a contact form as another way to be reachable. And yes, "A" for your site with name, bio, and email link. :-)