Get Firefox – Piss Off

After much griping about my Get Firefox banner, I've added a 'piss off' (read: opt-out) link to the banner that will set a cookie so you won't see it again for 30 days.  After that, it'll tell you you still need a better  browser, but you can, of course, opt out again, ad nauseam.

8 responses to “Get Firefox – Piss Off”

  1. Jeff Howden

    Mmmmmm, momentary flash of "Get Firefox" goodness.

  2. Barney

    Jeez, it never ends. ;)

    This site is multi-hosted with 5 other blogs, so changing the code itself is a bit dicey, but CSS/Javascript (as part of the layout) is no big deal. Hence no server-side cookie procesing to hide it.

    However, if you have a browser that supports attribute selectors, you won't get the flash……

  3. Simeon

    Barney you conformist bastard! How dare you back down and let the monkey loving IE users sway your judgement.

    I say mod the script so if they view the site in IE it pops up a big flash movie of monkeys throughing poop. Just big enough that it blocks most of the content, but that they can still see around it to read if they scroll just right.

  4. Barney

    Did you just say "flash movie". How dare you profane this plugin-free sanctuary of usable web application development.

  5. Simeon

    Sorry man, but I dont know how else you are going to get a monkey throwing poop at the ie users. I guess you could write the js to do an animation, but that sound like a lot of work. I know you are an svg kinda guy but that needs plugins too.

  6. Jeff Howden

    Be nice Simeon. You're just a short drive across town. ;)

    And Barney, relax, I was just giving you grief. ;p

  7. Barney

    Oh, I know. All in good natured fun. I'll be punching Sim tonight at CFUG (ASUG, ASCFUG, ass-fug, whatever), but don't let him know that, or he'll try and defend himself.

    I was more illustrating a CSS technique that I've used to great effect than really campaigning for Firefox. It was just the obvious candidate for an implementation.

  8. Jeff Howden

    Thanks for the reminder. I'd forgotten about the meeting tonight. Consider me there.