CFEclipse 1.3 Beta

So I went to download the CFEclipse 1.3 beta today, and much to my chagrin, it requires Eclipse 3.2, which isn't even an official Eclipse release yet.  I really wanted the dynamic autocompletion stuff, but having to rebuilt my entire Eclipse installation is hardly worth it.  Maybe once it goes gold, but not for a beta.  I believe that also makes CFEclipse 1.3 incompatible with Flex2, so if you want to run both, you have to use separate Eclipse installs (which means duplicating all your projects, all your configuration and settings, and being unable to easily work on CF/Flex projects).

I'm a huge fan of CFEclipse, but this this seems like a really silly decision that's going to strand a lot of people on version 1.2 for quite a while.

7 responses to “CFEclipse 1.3 Beta”

  1. Jordan Clark

    I just installed Flex 2 on Eclipse 3.2 without a problem last night, I'm going to load CFEclipse today.

  2. Ken Wilson

    Over at, Steven Erat mentions that Mark Drew (the man behind CFEclipse) has been running Flex Builder 2 beta plug-in on Eclipse 3.2 so perhaps it works…just not "officially" supported yet. Eclipse 3.2 is due out tomorrow and you can bet I'll be giving all three a try together.

  3. Barney

    I'm glad to hear the Flex2 plugin runs on Eclipse 3.2. I was (unclearly, I'll admit) referring to installing standalone Flex2, and then wanting to add CF support to it via CFEclipse.

  4. Andy J

    Eclipse 3.2 comes out tomorrow (i heard) so its not too long to wait though. Either way the current build is really stable.

  5. rob

    you can run two versions of eclipse off the one project dir…

    we did it to ensure 3.2 was stabe enough before we jumped.

  6. Matthew giles

    Eclipse 3.2 is due out tomorrow and you can bet I'll be giving all three a try together.

  7. Mark Drew

    I released it for a reason on 3.2 that Eclipse Equinox was about to be released and I couldnt develop cfeclipse on 3.1… so sorry… it was STILL a beta for a reason :)