Mike's 6:45am Phone Call

If your name is Mike, you called me at 6:45 am Pacific time and said something about queries of queries and then gave me your phone number, please call me back.  In my sleepy stupor failed to write down the number correctly, and calling it just says "the call cannot be completed as dialed".

2 responses to “Mike's 6:45am Phone Call”

  1. Jared Rypka-Hauer

    Maybe "Mike" is really embarrassed about screwing up the time zone calculation (EST = PST+3, or PST = EST-3… but I usually get it wrong doing it in my head anyway!) and won't call you back… which sux because that means he woke you up once for nothing.

    Alas. C'mon Mike… CALL BARNEY!

    (Only this time call him at 12AM EST instead… hehe.)

  2. Mike

    Mike here. Sorry Barney, I just wanted to know if Queries of Queries are cool.