Google Calendar Quick Add

When Google Calendar went public a couple days ago, I finally got to abandon my Yahoo! account for good, which doesn't pain me one little bit.  Nice interface, kind of rough in places, but it's brand friggin' new, so it's expected.  Fortunately, I was able to export/import all my events from Yahoo! directly into Google Calendar, which was nice.

Just now, I discovered the "Quick Add" feature.  It gives you a single text field to enter an event it.  Mysterious.  I tried "Golf 4pm tomorrow".  Bing: a new event named "Golf" is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon at 4pm.  How about "Easter Dinner noon sunday".  Yep, you got it.  How about "dinner with heather, next friday at 6"?  You got it, one week and one hour from now, a "dinner with heather" event. 

Talk about a sweet UI.  The rest of it's quite nice, but that, in particular, blows me away.  If you want to see usability, look no farther.

2 responses to “Google Calendar Quick Add”

  1. Yves

    I was quite happy to move to Google's new calendar as well.

    I have one question though…. did you try Yahoo's new beta webmail?

    I like the UI of the new webmail. I find it's a little slow….

    Just thought I'd ask.


  2. Barney


    Nope, haven't tried Yahoo Mail's beta, though I only recently got Heather to switch go GMail from Yahoo, so I'd seen glimpses. The labels are still probably the strongest selling point of GMail, if you ask me, UI aside.