Moving Time Again…

It's just about the turn of the year, and as you all know, that's the time of year for major life changes.  Giving myself a 20 day window around new years (from Dec 20 to Jan 10), the past six years have included these events:

  • The end of my swimming career
  • The purchase of our first house
  • The birth of our first kid (Lindsay)
  • The sale of our first house
  • The purchase of our second house
  • The move from meat-space commuting to telecommuting

With the advent of 2007, it's time to move again, though this time between jobs.  After five years at AudienceCentral, I've accepted a position at Mentor Graphics in Wilsonville starting January 2nd.  There's an array of subtopics (both good and bad) that I can't really talk about, so I'll just say that I'm excited for the change.  Mentor's a very different place than AudienceCentral (for example, it has about 400 times as many employees), but they've got some cool projects coming down the pipe, and I'm looking forward to the camaraderie that sharing a hallway with the rest of the team provides.

2 responses to “Moving Time Again…”

  1. Peter Bell

    Congratulations, and best wishes on the latest life change!

  2. Damon

    Welcome aboard, from your friendly neighborhood server administrator!