No More Cell Phone

As of the end of the year, my cell phone will no longer work.  It was a company phone and since I'm leaving, I won't be keeping it.  If I replace it, I'll get a Portland number instead of my old Bellingham number, so my current number will stop working regardless.  However, I figure if anyone can't wait until I get home to talk to me, they can buy me a phone, since they're the one that needs it.  If I do get a new one, I'll publicize it.

4 responses to “No More Cell Phone”

  1. Jacob Munson

    For me a cell phone is not so much a tool for people to communicate with me (I don't answer it half of the time), but a way for /me/ to contact /them/. Especially when I need to tell my wife I'm stuck in traffic on the way home, or I'm at the grocery store and I don't know which type of Jello my wife wants.

  2. Nat Papovich

    So Barney, do you know where you're going after your current job? Or does "I'm leaving" mean "I'm leaving eventually"

  3. Barney


    I'm going down to Mentor Graphics. The stars aligned and the whole process lasted like 5 business days from start to finish. Start on the second.