My family and I are finally moving to Portland.  As some of you
know, I've been pursuing gainful employment in Portland for a while
now, and have found it.  Surprisingly, I don't even have to switch
jobs.  I'll continue to work for my current employer, AudienceCentral,
just remotely.  This will work well for them, since I'm a very
valuable asset to the company, and for me, since it'll give me a more
understanding employer during the move and no transition into a new job
during an already chaotic time.

So good news all around, aside from the fact that we now have to
frantically prepare the house for sale, and go through the whole
process of selling, buying, and moving.  But in a few months, we
should be all settled in, and life should return to something akin to

As a result, don't expect to see to much of my digital
self for a while.  I'll still be inhabiting the CF mailing lists
to some extent, but side projects and the blog (as if I posted much
anyway) will pretty much fall by the wayside.  If anyone does need
me for some reason, a direct email will always get a response, of

One response to “Moving…”

  1. Marlon

    Congrats! That's the best of both worlds. Not only do you get to move to where you want to live, but you also won't have a daily commute when you get there! Jeez, I'm drooling.