Weird MySQL INSERT Quirk

I wrote an INSERT query today (for the first time in months), and
missed a comma between two of my values.  I also missed one of the
columns in the column list, so there while there was an extra value,
two of them weren't separated by a comma.  Something like this (though with CFQUERYPARAM, of course):

    (id, name)
    (#id#, #name# #email#)

Now where it gets weird is that MySQL happily ran the statement without error, and concatenated the two values together and inserted the result in the appropriate column (all were varchar).  Weird.

sure on whom the blame should reside (possibly me?), but wanted to give
a heads up.  And to say that generated SQL is better than hand
writing it.  ;)

One response to “Weird MySQL INSERT Quirk”

  1. Zuzlan

    Strange… But I do not see a mistake