CFMX At Last

I finally got my copy of CF7 Standard a couple days ago, and have
just started the process of rebuilding with CF rather than JSP. 
There's a lot of stuff to rebuild, not all of it trivial, but I'm
hoping to be mostly done this week.

Hardly even worth posting, I
know, but it'd been over two weeks since my last post, and I'm pretty
fired up to finally have a license of CF after trying to get my hands
on one for many many months.

2 responses to “CFMX At Last”

  1. barry.b

    any chance you could do a blog post of what cf6.1 – cf7 issues you had in the rebuild?


    any specific cf7 functionality that you used (and why) that you couldn't do in cf6.1?

    just wanted to compare notes, get ideas, etc (eg: we're not using Application.cfc – yet!)

    just an idea


  2. Barney

    I haven't actually done the rebuild yet, that's what I'm working on this week. I'm not upgrading from CF6.1 either, I'm rolling over from BlueDragon.

    But yes, I will be posting my experiences.