And Again! (ComboBox)

Based on some user feedback and some more of my own use, I've made a
couple more little tweaks to the script.  In a nutshell, orm
submission blocking now works in a far less intrusive way, hitting TAB
will select the active item before changing focus, and ESCAPE will
close the dropdown if it's open.

I've also been looking for a javadocesque
tool for generating documentation from JavaScript files.  The only
one I found was NaturalDocs, which is similar to javadoc, but uses a
different syntax.  Anyone know of anything that uses standard
javadoc sytax?

9 responses to “And Again! (ComboBox)”

  1. Trond Ulseth

    Just thought I'd inform you that it does not work on Opera.

  2. Steve Nelson

    Out of curiousity, does this combobox thing work in a textarea? Like a homesite/Dreamweaver/ecipse code hint.

  3. Barney

    Any chance that you could tell me WHY it doesn't work in Opera? I'll probably get around to testing it in there eventually, but if you can expedite the process, that'd be great.

  4. Barney

    Yeah, it should, though you'll probably need to tweak the separator processing stuff for doing multi-item completion. Right now, it's pretty simplistic: just split the string on a character (think CF's list functions), and uses the last section for it's operations, rather than the whole value of the field. That's undoubtedly not sophisticated enough for code completion stuff, since you'd want to be able to have it fire in the middle of text, not just at the end.

  5. HKS

    I have seen a fair bit of JS with javadoc comments in them. A quick look around turned up this tool:

    Maybe you can try that?

  6. winfred

    he bob
    I was wondering if it's true that i can't select an item from the dropdown list with my mouse pointer. Both in IE and mozilla this feuture doesn't work.
    i don't know if it's possible, would you let me know ?


  7. Doug Hughes

    Barney, I just wanted to say that this thing rocks. Ok, I also wanted to put in two feature requests and a bug.

    The bug: If any item in your list is longer than your text area, it overflows the drop down and looks kinda funny.

    Feature Request 1: I'd like to see it so that if you hit the down arrow in the combo box that it opens the drop down. Right now, I have to type some characters untill I find one that's actually in the list.

    Feature Request 2: I'd like it, if when you have an item selected, that hitting the right arrow key would place the selected item in the text box and place your cursor at the end.

    For data entry, these two items would rock.

    Anyhow, thanks for such a terrific tool.


  8. Matt

    Perfect!!! It took me a day and a half to find a widget that did what I wanted – and yours was that widget! Unreal!

  9. Oliver

    Can I ask, is there a new download URL?