BlueDragon Live!

Well, I'm happy to say that I just deployed my first BlueDragon app to production this evening. It's not much (couple hundred KB), but it's up and running on BD 6.2 Beta. I discovered a whole slew of bugs as I put it together (it was a ~5 day sprint of late nights), but nothing really stood squarely in the way.

The app in question is the backend for this blog (along with The Boisvert Life, for the personal side of me). For various reasons, I'm still using Movable Type as the engine, but I needed an admin interface that I could manipulate, so I rolled my own. Now that it's functional, I can extend it in various ways, which was the whole point of the exercise.

As part of the update, I also installed MySQL 4.1, upgraded the MySQL connector, and a few other things, so I should be golden for a while. This largely meatless post, as you've not doubt guessed, was the maiden post from the new interface, and all seems to have gone well.

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