To Build a Better Terminal

I'd yet to find a terminal application with all the features I wanted. The built-in Terminal application was questionable at best, and I'd been using xterms in X11 for a while, which worked quite well. However, they had one really annoying feature: the 'delete' key didn't work when using emacs over SSH to a Linux machine.

Then I rediscovered iTerm, which is an OSX-only terminal emulation program. Not only did it handle the 'delete' key correctly, but it also uses the 'option' key as META, rather than the 'command' key. That lets you use normal OSX shortcuts (particularly copy and paste) within your terminal session. Very nice.

And then to top it off, I ran across this very good HOWTO (actually a blog entry), that lays out how to
set up GNU `ls` on OSX for colored output support. Remarkably brainless, but not something I'd even considered before. Now I've finally got a really nice command line interface to use on the Mac.

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