New Layout and Skin

As should be very obvious, I finally took the time to build an attractive skin/layout for my blog, rather than the handful of color tweaks to the default MovableType stylesheet that had qualified as customization until now. For whatever reason, the header and footer graphics don't look smooth, nor line up colorwise, on Windows. I'm still trying to figure out why.

The entire site layout is now driven though JSPs, rather than MT. I intend to add some dynamic layout elements, which forced my hand on the matter. The Boisvert Life is also using the new JSP-based layout, though it's running a stylesheet designed to replicate the default MT appearance.

The HTML under the CSS is mostly the same as what MT generates, but I tweaked it a little to make it less blog-centric since it needs to accomodate my non-blog pages as well.

2 responses to “New Layout and Skin”

  1. NiNie

    hey barney?

    err i was wondering how do u create ur own layout? which web do u use..?? reply me asap k?

  2. Barney

    I built the layout with Macromedia Fireworks and a bunch of CSS, using an image of a lighthouse I found on the web. The HTML for this site is exactly the same as with any of the other layouts; the layouts are applied simply by switching a CSS stylehseet that defines the layout rules and supplies images where needed.