Do You Know These Shoes?

Do You Know These Shoes?

If you can identify this pair of shoes, I'll buy you a drink of your choice next time we meet.  If you're wearing a pair of them, I'll buy you two.


This morning, in response to my Processing and Galcon post, I received this email:
Stumbled across your article about using processing :)  Sounds neat!
Anyway, I don't like having to make these requests – but because of how
trademark stuff works I have to request that you change the name of your
project to something that doesn't contain the [...]

ColdFusion vs. CFML

Every time TIOBE comes out with new listings people bitch about ColdFusion.  It bugs the shit out of me.  Here's the deal folks:
ColdFusion is a server product.  It is NOT a language.  CFML is a language.  You don't write ColdFusion, you write CFML and then you run your CFML on ColdFusion (or Railo, or OBD).  [...]

More About Me

If you've had any contact with me (meat- or net-space) for the past few months/years, you undoubtedly know that my life has been a bit rough. But it seems that the worst is behind, which is a relief such that I cannot express. I've been officially divorced for two months, living on my [...]

Fusebox's Noose

From an email Sean Corfield sent to the Fusebox5 mailing list (
I just wanted to provide a brief update on [Fusebox and 4CFF]. 4CFF discussed Fusebox with TeraTech (specifically John Zhu of 4CFF and Michael Smith of TeraTech) and were unable to reach an agreement on Fusebox joining 4CFF. One particular sticking point was that [...]

I Am No Longer Married

I learned today, via a letter from the court, that I am no longer married (and haven't been since the 12th). Seven years, five months, and nine days.

A Personal Update

This morning, Heather and I cooperatively filed for divorce.  This eventuality is old news for some, expected by others, and out of the blue for the rest.  I have not been forthcoming with this information outside need-to-know situations for a variety of reasons, the primary one being that without any agreement between Heather and I [...]

Where Are The CTRL-S, ALT-TAB, F5 Web Frameworks?

Ok, people, where are all the web frameworks that will give me a CTRL-S, ALT-TAB, F5 workflow?  As I've been shopping around, it seems everything requires more than that.  Some places you can script the additional steps into the refresh, but not always.  Am I the only person that doesn't want to have a million [...]

I'm on CFPanel This Evening

This evening (depending on where you live) is CFPanel, and Mark Mandel, Brian Kotek, and myself are talking about CF and Java integration.  It starts at 5pm PST (8pm EST) if you're interested in attending live, or will be available as a recording after the fact.

3D Rendering with CFML

3D Rendering with CFML

As everyone knows, CFML is the perfect language for every sort of programming job.  Including 3D games.  The animation is a little choppy with dynamically generated images having to be streamed down from the server side, but never let technology's shortcomings stand in the way of using your favorite tool.  Unfortunately, I haven't run across [...]