Fink for Tiger

Last night I finally got Fink
installed on my newly Tiger-ed PowerBook.  Opted for the binary
install this time, and it worked like a charm.  Less than 40
minutes to go from noticing that a 10.4-specific release had been made
to having it all set up with X, Gnucash, the GImP, and the GNU
FileUtils package (for the color-aware ls command) all installed.

4 responses to “Fink for Tiger”

  1. catherine

    Did you have to do anything specific to get gnucash running.? I reinstalled fink for tiger and gnucash, but I still can't get gnucash to run. I run it via the command line, and it just hangs. Any suggestions?

    Many thanks.

  2. Barney


    You need to have an X server running, and launch it from within X. Fink will install one as a dependancy for Gnucash, or you can use the one that Apple supplies with the developer tools. I'd recommend the Fink-installed one, as I've had issues with the Apple one, particularly with Gnucash's graphing engine. For the former, type 'startx &', and the latter just click it in the Applications/Utilities folder. Once it fires up, it'll create a single shell window, where you can actually launch X applications (like Gnucash) successfully.

  3. David Newman

    Do you also run ethereal, if so do you use the Fink or Darwinports version?


  4. Barney

    I've run it via Fink in the past. Haven't installed it since my last reformat, so I can't say whether it works in Tiger as expected, but I'd imagine it'd be just dandy.