Twitterfon, Typing Upside-Down, and IMPlus

After more use, I've uninstalled both Twitterific and Twinkle, and switched to Twitterfon. It's simple, fast, works well, and hasn't crashed yet. It touts a focus on the core, not extra features, but I'm not sure what is missing.

I also just found IMPlus, which is a multiprotocol IM client for iPhone. It can't work in the background, of course, but it seems pretty nice. Only used it a couple times do far, but no compaints so far.

Lastly, I'm getting the hang of typing a little better. One very interesting facet of this is that I simply cannot type upside-down. I'm pretty much always in bed before Heather, so I usually end checking my email and/or Twitter (or blogging ;)) while I wait. But try as I might, I cannot lie on my back to do it. I have to flip over, prop myself up on my elbows, and type that way. The weight of my hand is inverted on my back, so I miss everything. Not very fun.

Ok, so it wasn't "lastly". This time it is, though. Lastly, I had a whirlwind weekend of reading. Finished "Skinny Legs and All" Friday evening, read "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" on Saturday, and the "Ender's Game" on Sunday and Monday. More surprising is that it was the first time for all three, not just the first one. SLaA and EG definitely blew the pants off THGttG, though I've not decided which was better between them. Very different, and both very good in their own ways, though I thought both kind of copped out on the ending a bit.

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