CFUnited (CFGroovy) Goodies

I presented CFGroovy: Groovy for the CFML Developer this year at CFUnited.  For the millions of you who wished you could have attended my presentation but were unable to make it, I've graciously made everything available for download.
If you just want the (very thin) slides, they are available in PPT and PDF format.
There is also [...]

CFGroovy 2 "Release"

CFGroovy 2 has been been released into the wild tonight as it's own project, separate from CFGroovy.  Read all about it on it's shiny new project page.  With the advent of CF9 and built-in ORM tooling, ongoing development with Hibernate integration seems wasteful.  Bugs will be fixed, since there are a fair number of sites [...]

CFGroovy 2 Has Moved

Until this evening, CFGroovy 2 has lived as a branch in the original CFGroovy project.  Now it has it's very own top-level directory.  So if you've any working copies and/or unpinned svn:externals pointed at
you'll need to switch them to point at
Apologies for any inconvenience this causes, but CFGroovy 2 really isn't a new version of [...]

CFGroovy And Script Output

One final CFGroovy update for cf.objective() 2009, and then heading to a plane.
In the first version of CFGroovy output generated by your script was discarded.  This fit the original concept behind scriptlets well, but it made debugging kind of a pain, because you had to exit the script in order to dump out any state.  [...]

CFYourFavoriteLanguage (Formerly CFGroovy)

CFGroovy grew some wings this afternoon.  It retains it's core functionality of running Groovy code in a CFML environment, whether you have it installed on your classpath or if it's transparently loaded from the local copy of the JAR.  However, it now supports any JSR 223 scripting language as well (assuming you're on a 1.6 [...]

More CFGroovy2 Goodness

Last night at dinner I was talking with Mark Mandel and Luis Majano and realized I'd completely misunderstood the way JavaLoader worked based on my initial look see.  So for the price of 21 additional lines (nine of which are purely for misbehaving CFML runtimes), CFGroovy will transparently load an internal copy of Groovy if [...]

CFGroovy in Forty Lines

It's been a couple months since I've done anything with CFGroovy.  I've been mulling how to get back to the essence, which is Groovy scriptlets in CFML.  Today at cf.objective() I put my fingers back on the keyboard for the first time.  Here's a full implementation of the tag in 40 lines.  There are [...]

CFGroovy Updates

I made a bunch of updates to CFGroovy tonight, mostly centered around two main objectives:

refocus on the original objective, inline Groovy scriptlets
support Open BlueDragon

The first objective is based on my experience developing the last couple apps I've used CFGroovy on.  Hibernate is kickass, but neither of the apps used it; they only used CFGroovy for [...]

CFGroovy for Open BlueDragon!

Doing some hacking around this evening and got CFGroovy to successfully run simple scripits on Open BlueDragon 1.0.1.  It still doesn't support array/struct literals (WTF?) so the engine won't run in it's entirety, but the core integration flow works.  That's promising.  There are still a pile of issues to work out (like some major path-related [...]

Functional Programming Languages

Ever done functional programming?  Chances are you'll say "no", but you'll probably be wrong.  Javascript is a functional language, and while a lot of people use it in a procedural and/or object oriented way (\me raises hand), it's foundation is functional.  Same deal with ActionScript.  Used Groovy?  Ruby?  Python?  None are functional (let [...]