Eclipse/Ant Trick

Eclipse has very nice Ant integration, letting you rrun a build file from the context menu all over the place, either via a dialog for selecting the specific target, or using the last/default target.  What I didn't know until today, however, is that you can right click on a target in the Outline view and run that target directly, without having to go through the normal target selection dialog.

If you use Ant, definitely useful.  If not, reenforcement that it's worth a bit of digging to learn about your tools, so you can leverage them most effectively.

2 responses to “Eclipse/Ant Trick”

  1. Sean Corfield

    And don't forget that you can easily define a "builder" for your project that runs any build file and any target whenever certain operations occur on your project, including on any file save / creation operation!

  2. cosmin

    You can go as far as doing a ftp copy for each save operation. Brutal but it worked for local to server code mirroring.
    Regarding the ftp stuff I wrote a post that might help anyone in need with some hints and links: