CFGroovy 1.0 RC3

This is the final expected RC for CFGrovoy 1.0 and includes a couple more API tweaks (backwards compatible, of course).  Bad form to do this right now, but like the attributes-to-params change, I want to get them in before the 1.0 release so I can build the next round of enhancements without mucking up the [...]

Weird MySQL Behaviour

Last night I added a new log field to PotD and since I did it live on my prod instance, I wrapped it with a bunch of error handling so that if anything went wrong it wouldn't affect users, it just wouldn't log the new data.  (No, this is not my standard operating procedure – [...]

Tag Hierarchies

About four and a half years ago I wrote a little event tracking app that accepts a timestamp and a list of tags, and then provides a pile of ways to report on the data.  Think Twitter, except a couple years earlier, and designed for consumption by software, not people, at least at the individual [...]

Minor Schema Tool Update

I just committed a minor update to my award winning schema tool that allows you to write your migrations as CFM files, as well as CFCs and SQL files.  The naming convention is the same (migrationNNNNNN.cfm), and the entire file represents the only minor version for that migration step.
What I've found over time is that [...]

Joe on ORM

Joe Rinehart made a very good post about the state of "ORM" in CFML.  Namely, that there isn't any.  There are several abstract persistence frameworks for CFCs, but no real ORM solutions.
Like Joe, I've been using Hibernate/Groovy to back a lot of CFML applications of late and it's wonderful.  Certainly not without some downsides, but [...]

CF Groovy 1.0RC (With Hibernate!)

I've just released 1.0RC of CF Groovy, including Hibernate support.  You can download it, or view the demo app.  The download includes both the demo and the runtime engine.
The big new feature is Hibernate support, of course.  Here are a couple snippets from the demo app.  First, the entity class:
package com.barneyb

import javax.persistence.*

class User extends AbstractEntity [...]

CF Groovy Takes a Nap

After close to two weeks of struggling, I finally managed to deploy pure source to a CFML runtime (Railo, in this case), and get Groovy entities in and out of the database with Hibernate.  No compliation, no IDE, no development-mode server, just my Groovy source along with a hacked up CF Groovy.  This is very [...]

Just Say No to Materialized MySQL Views

I'm a big fan of MySQL, but I ran into an interesting performance issue this weekend regarding views. MySQL added view support in 5.0, and I've used it to great effect, but it's not all roses.
Edit (2009-04-22): I used the term "materialized view" below in a misleading way.  True materialized views are stored in [...]