cf.objective Tomorrow!

Tomorrow I'll be in Minneapolis for the 2011 iteration of cf.objective.  If you've looked at the schedule, you'll know I'm speaking twice: one about progressive enhancement first thing Thursday morning after the keynote, and again Friday right after lunch about migrating your apps to the cloud.  You'll also know that there are a hell of a lot of good sessions, so I'm really excited about it.

As is often the case with internet folks, I know a whole lot of people by name and/or handle, but far fewer in person.  So if you see me – I'm the tall, furry guy who isn't Andy Matthews – please say hello.  And as if you didn't need even more incentive, the company I work (Mentor Graphics Corp) for is currently looking to hire a couple more full-time developers out in beautiful Portland, OR.

2 responses to “cf.objective Tomorrow!”

  1. Matt Osbun

    Is this the first time you're presenting? I don't remember seeing you on the list in previous years- although I've missed the last couple.