9 responses to “Cron for CFML. Again”

  1. Aaron Greenlee

    No, you are not the only one.

  2. Kurt Wiersma

    When I was reading about Grails it sounded like their scheduler was pretty advanced and cron like while allowing you to execute groovy code without an http request. I believe it was all built on top of Quartz or Spring's scheduling services.

    Personally I really like that CFML allows you to avoid the compile – reload container – debug cycle. It one reason why I have continue to look into Groovy/Grails as they seem to be attempting to make it more dynamic for reloading your application much like CFML.

  3. Matt Woodward
  4. Ryan

    I agree with you, the lack of a good scheduler can be a pain. An admin that I work with rewrote the old scheduler he used (BMC Control-M) as a CF application. Sadly, he should have to rewrite this if there was a good interface for it already.

    Are you planning on releasing your new code by any chance?

  5. Sami Hoda

    I have felt this pain for years. You are not alone.

    One example, the CFAdmin did not have a pause for scheduled tasks until I bugged and begged for it.

  6. Mark Mandel

    You don't want to use my Dynamic Proxy in Javaloader to ease the Java->CFML bridge?

    It would make things a lot easier for you.

    Or is there an area in which it can be improved that would help you out?

    (Totally agreed that CFCProxy is not that great)

  7. Ciaran Archer

    I especially agree with the way you have to punch a hole through your application security. Secret URL keys are messy and feel so … wrong.

    The 60 second limit is also ridiculous. The worst thing is it doesn't have to be like this! CF scheduler can handle per-second scheduling – we do it all the time. Right now it requires an XML hack to the neo-cron.xml file. It's obtuse and ugly but it works.

  8. Luis Aragon

    I'd love to know how you handled this task. It's something that I'm struggling with now. :(

  9. Ciaran Archer

    After the 9.0.1 update broke scheduled tasks (for us at least – http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3870895/coldfusion-neo-cron-xml-has-been-modified-when-it-hasnt-been) we decided to buy VisualCron, a Windows scheduler that runs on a server as a service and can execute tasks in almost any way possible.

    We've found it very stable so far, and it has an API (through .NET admittedly) that can be interrogated for task run stats etc. If people are looking for alternatives I'd recommend it.

    I've heard CF X is going to have an update to the scheduled task engine too, so that should be interesting too.