Pic of the Day Minicards

I always get lots of questions about my Pic of the Day minicards, so I made a page on the PotD site with info about them both in general and the individual runs.  As always, NSFW.

The minicards are the only actual "marketing" I do for PotD aside from occasionally link to it so it can get indexed by search engines.  And it hardly counts as marketing, though after distributing some I do typically see an uptick in subscriptions.  The real objective is to provide a slick and tangible item to start conversation, and the cards shine at that.

What's been very interesting to me is that no one hands them back.  You'd think that if you handed someone a piece of cardstock with a naked picture on it that some people would refuse.  But that's not been my experience at all.  Some people have an obvious aversion to the concept of pornography (though whether it's a facade or not is a different question), but naked or not, the cards always prompt a "what is Pic of the Day?" not a "I don't want this."  And not one person has ever terminated the conversation because of the nudity.

Yes, my sample is not representative of the general population.  My friends and associates are certainly a younger and more liberal (or at least open-eyed) segment.  And I don't mean "liberal" as in political bent, but rather in a broader sense.  Despite this, it's still an interesting outcome.  The project – which is coming up on it's sixth birthday – has proven a nearly unending source of interesting bits and pieces.

3 responses to “Pic of the Day Minicards”

  1. Ben Nadel

    You randomly gave me a card like two years ago or something and I still have it sitting on my desk. I had never heard about it prior.

  2. Ben Nadel

    Yeah, must have been at CF.o(). I just remember you turning around and slapping something down on the desk.