The Kember Identity Hash

A few days ago I saw a tweet from Steve Withington about the Kember Identity Hash.  I whipped up a searcher in Groovy, just for the hell of it, and have been running it for the past couple days on my office machine when I'm not using it.  Aside from the sheer pointlessness of the task, it's kind of interesting, and so tonight I entertained myself by doing a bit of a write up on it.

Actually was kind of fun.  That page serves as the "master" tracker for any running instances of my script, so I have a centralized location that tracks the number of hashes I've searched regardless of where they ran.  It renders the code (pulled from SVN, though it's cached for performance reasons).  It displays some progress information  It got me to finally commit my /r/ directory.  Most of all, it entertained me for a few hours, and had nothing to do with PHP or WordPress.  And if I get past that inch of progress (on my way to 33 billion light years), I might even win $100.

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