Pandora Bookmarklet

Ever since Pandora prevented accessing the miniplayer directly a few months ago, I've been using a little bookmarklet to fake it.  Set as my IE homepage (about the only thing I use IE for) and put the bookmarklet in my links bar to click immediately after launch.  Net result: a perfectly sized window, hiding all the non-player crap.


4 responses to “Pandora Bookmarklet”

  1. Jason

    You might try
    Besides getting rid of the rest of the crap on the page, it gives you a bunch of global hotkeys I couldn't live without.

  2. Todd Rafferty

    +1 to what Jason suggested. It's working for me as well and it did give me grief like you mentioned, but it went away with newer versions.

  3. Matt


    Nice, I do the exact same thing with an air app. Just seems to make since to have a little stand alone app. of some sort. (note: I built this before they created their own air app)

    Someday I'll fancy it up with some short cut keys.