What is The Matrix?

It's control. And I've decided that the control is irrelevant. There are exactly three people in my life that I'll relinquish control to. Two of them don't yet reach my waist (that'll change), the other one can nearly look me in the eye (especially in heels). The first two pretty do, but they can't have full control anyway, they're too short. I'm cryptic, but yet it's doesn't really matter; my blog, my rules. I'm done fighting. I'm not surrendering, just standing aside from a battle that isn't worth it. I'll suffer, I know that from experience, but I'll suffer less.

On a completely tangential note, I like semicolons. The use of a conjunction, either in the middle of a sentance or to start a new sentence just doesn't have the same effect as a semicolon. The semicolon doesn't require the extra word, and I think leaving it out better represents the spoken word where a slight pause would be used, not an extra sound or three. I once read that a competent writer (of English) uses a semicolon about once per printed page. That seems like a shortage to me with it's inherent elegance, but it also seems about the frequency I use them. And no, it's not because I'm aiming at this perceived ideal. Notice the use of a sentence-starting conjunction. A semicolon would have been disasterous in that situation.

Wait for it…..

"this Barney guy is friggin' crazy"

There we go.

Surely others appreciate the delicacies of the English language as much as I do? Because they are delicacies, just underappreciated ones. Not to insinuate I never write the equivalent of frozen pizza, but when it flows……. mmmmmmm.

7 responses to “What is The Matrix?”

  1. marc esher

    I'm sure you see the irony here: giving up control in the first paragraph, but then in the second paragraph, embracing the ultimate in control… the all-powerful semicolon. Nary a punctuation mark exerts such control over the flow of a sentence. Periods are sledgehammers…. "stop, dogs stop. go dogs go". Semicolons, though… "Pause, dear reader, and saver. not too long… wait for it… wait for it…. ok, you may proceed. with caution. Because I might throw that shit atcha again, son. Tread carefully through the garden of my words".

    I'm quite curious what spawned this thread Barney; perhaps you'll share that some day.

  2. Dodo

    I won't pretend to know EXACTLY what you allude to in the first paragraph, though I do know the three of whom you speak. And you must know I'll do anything in my power to lessen your suffering.

    On the next subject, your thoughts of semicolons is interesting; very interesting. I know I'll be more aware of them in the future.

    Love ya!

  3. Jake Munson

    If you think English has delicacies, you should try a more pure language like Italian or Chinese. I should clarify…American English. It has a lot of cool stuff, but it's very tainted because of the melting pot our country went through. English is one of the world's hardest languages to learn because there are many things in it that are arbitrary. I used to teach basic English in Italy, and it was very frustrating to have to tell the students, "There really isn't a grammatical rule for why this particular word is spelled this way…you just have to memorize it. I know it breaks all the OTHER rules I've told you, but that's just the way it is."

  4. Jake Munson

    I guess it's a matter of perspective then. If you are like me and just want to help people learn a language quickly, you'd probably like a pure language better. But if you enjoy finding "gems" in the muck, then English is a gold mine. :)

  5. Dodo

    Ah HA!!! I was hoping you'd catch that!!!