Yay VPNs!

I've been having a hell of a time with the office VPN client this week.  It refuses to install on my laptop (a stock ThinkPad) for some reason.  The "Determinisit Network Enhancer" can't add a plugin.  Whatever that means.  Tried a few different version of the client, all to no avail.  This prompted my walk of a couple days ago, because the machine wouldn't accept SQL Server either.  Today I gave up, set up a CentoOS box, built the Linux version of the VPN client, and it worked like a champ.  Why this is so hard, I don't know, but when the "easy" solution involves installing GCC and compiling some vendor source it seems something is amiss.  Not that I mind compiling source, but it seems like a suboptimal solution.

2 responses to “Yay VPNs!”

  1. Vince Collins

    Are you on Vista at home? Many of my clients have older VPNs that are not Vista compatible. I have an old XP machine kicking around for those issues. One client just upgraded to a new Cisco web-based vpn and it now works with Vista. Yay for me.