WordPress 2.7

Just finished upgrading my blog to WordPress 2.7.  Unfortunately I found what appears to be a bug in the truly excellent Ozh Admin Menu plugin.  It doesn't seem to handle extra menu items being added to the main menu correctly; it only partially renders the menu bar when such an option is active.  Not sure exactly what to do about that, but it does prevent rolling out the upgrade to all my users.  Can't very well have them go to upload a gallery and have 90% of their menu disappear, so my blog will remain the only 2.7 blog for the moment.

Other than that, I'm quite pleased.  Categories are back on the sidebar when you're writing a new post, the design is a lot cleaner, and aside from that one issue with Ozh and another minor scoping issue in my Picasa plugin, everything was transparent to upgrade.

6 responses to “WordPress 2.7”

  1. John Kirsch

    Any other plugins that malfunctioned when you converted to Wordpress 2.7?

  2. John Kenzan

    Well I don't think that's too bad with only having one plugin go awry. Are you a fan of the new dashboard? It takes a bit to get used to :)

  3. Gary

    I also experienced errors when upgrading to 2.7 and using Ozh Admin Menu Plugin. What was occuring is that, when in the Admin Dashboard no sidebar was appearing. I removed the Ozh Admin menu Plugin and now all is fine.

  4. John Kenzan

    That's a good idea barneyb. I hadn't tried that before but it will certainly make things easier and quicker!