iPhone and Wi-Fi

The wi-fi on the iPhone is totally kick ass. I was really impressed. At home I had to manually type in my long hex WEP key, but at work (where it's a pain) the phone detected an "enterprise wi-fi" network, prompted me for my Active Directory credentials and that was it. Note that this is a iPhone getting in to a Windows environment.

With my laptop (which is a Windows) machine, I've completely failed to get on the wi-fi, instead resorting to an Ethernet cable to a spare jack. Seems silly. So props to Apple for getting this dead on.

On the typing front, I've decided that the one finger approach is way faster than trying to use my thumbs. The phone just moves around too much when I use my thumbs, so I miss a lot. I can't hit the keys quite as fast with one finger, but it's WAY more accurate.

4 responses to “iPhone and Wi-Fi”

  1. Ben Nadel

    I go back and forth on the typing. When I am standing, I find it easier to use the single thumb. When I am sitting or laying down, I find it easier to use the pointer finger. Once you start to get comfortable (have faith) in the word replacement / spelling corrections, you can type faster. Still, I could not type anything of any length on the phone.

  2. Rob Wilkerson

    Hmmm. I'm no network admin (that may become painfully evident in just a moment), but doesn't that seem a little scary? Somehow the iPhone seems to have detected the WEP key, applied it and gotten you on the network to the point of authentication. Am I missing something?

  3. Rob Wilkerson

    Ah, yes. On second read, I see the home/work environment mentions. I didn't catch that before. Reading was today's lesson; comprehension is tomorrow's. Thanks. :-)