From My iPhone

I finally got my iPhone 3G today, and am trying out the WordPress app. Typing kind of sucks, but I'll live. I've also attached a photo of my desk at the office, just to see how that works.


3 responses to “From My iPhone”

  1. rob

    It took me a couple of hours to get used to the typing, but once I got the hang of it I liked it (though I never had a phone with a keyboard before the iPhone so my view is skewed). I'll be curious to see if you like it in a few days.

  2. rob

    The double space == . helps, but I agree. I like to punctuate (even though I do it incorrectly :D). At the minimum, it would be nice if, say, holding down the return key offered simple stuff like a comma or something.

    Actually, you can, by the way, hold down the number button, and then if you don't lift up your figure you can pick a punctuation char then when you lift up your finger it'll go back to the letters.

    That's not a good description, but I think you get my meaning.