No MXUnit For Railo

I just pulled down the 1.0 release of MX Unit, and was most disappointed to see that it only works on ColdFusion:

no definition for the class ... [coldfusion.cfc.CFCProxy] could be found

Since I do most of my CFML development on Railo now, it kind of leaves me stuck.  Fortunately, CFCUnit works flawlessly, but with it's definitely the less compelling choice of the two.

7 responses to “No MXUnit For Railo”

  1. bill

    Hey Barney,

    We've actually been working a bit with the Railo folks and have filed some bugs with them. They were amazingly responsive and deserve big kudos! They said that the bugs we filed were either fixed or will be fixed in a future release. Marc posted a few details here:

    In short, we appreciate your patience as we wait for the open source release of Railo and subsequent updates to that and MXUnit.


  2. Marc

    did the framework work though? We know the install page won't work but that's no biggie. If the framework doesn't work with railo it will very soon

  3. denny

    Here's a quick and dirty patch for mxunit that seems to work for railo. Haven't switched back to cf8 yet, so I dunno if it breaks anything there, but, well, eh. It's like, pretty small.

    You could take a gander and change the two lines by hand, even.

    You have to have mxunit in /mxunit or a mapping for it, afterward. And I bet the cfcproxytests won't work. ;)

    I don't think that's too rough tho —
    I too struggle with the "where am I" problem of calling CFCs… but I think that using the cfcproxy is sorta, um, rough, ya know? Might as well have a cfinclude that walks up to the root and calls a factory object, right? *blush*
    Well, maybe not that bad, but still.

    It should be easier to like, use a package or something in cf, neh? Hell, maybe it is, and I just don't know. T'would not trip me out too much.

    Anyways, I saw this post earlier and just wanted to share the edits it took to get mxunit going on railo, so…


  4. marc esher

    thanks for the patch denny.

    by way of update, mxunit is now pretty darn close to working on railo. your fix for the objectcache, it turns out, is going to be unnecessary. the reason is that there's a bug in railo with structget() overwriting existing structures. I submitted this a few days ago and it's now in progress. So to get the objectcache working properly, i essentially did what you did, but I'll be removing that code and reverting to the original when the 0004 release of railo comes out and that bug is fixed.

    the current status (reflected in subversion, not a recent release) is that we have about 25 tests failing or erroring in railo that pass in CF. a few will start passing when the 0004 release of Railo comes out. a few are due to the CF-specific junk that either already is or will be deprecated anyway (stuff using the cfide componentexplorer, for example). The other bugs are largely related to differences in how CF and Railo treat java stuff (like javacast). I'm punting these to Bill since they're his babies, but we'll either find that a) we need to change the implementation or b) there are bugs/incompatibilities in railo for which we'll file bug reports, or c) a mix of both. There will probably always be handful of outside cases that don't work in Railo but do in CF. But nothing that would be show stoppers.

    And I gotta say: the railo guys have been super to work with. It's funny: normally, when i hit bugs in a product I think "oooh, f**k" because I just know it either won't get fixed or, if it gets fixed, it's going to take a long time. But my experience with railo is quite the opposite. When i hit a bug, it's like hitting a bug in my own software. I just submit a big report, maybe provide test cases, and i know it'll get fixed. it's, like, just not a big deal.

    As for the CFCProxy… bill, you listening?

    anyway, long story short: the latest commits to subversion get mxunit and the plugin largely working with the 0003 release of railo.

  5. denny

    Sweet! I sorta figured something like that was in the works. I'd come across some tickets in railo's ticketing system.

    I'm running the latest mxunit from svn and railo 0003 (under jboss 5) currently.

    I must say, I'm quite impressed with railo! That's good eat'n.

    I love mxunit too. Excellent stuff!