Speaking at CFDevCon

I'm pleased to say that I'll be speaking at CFDevCon this September over in Brighton, England. The conference should be a great one: lots of great speakers, lots of great topics, and what should be a great location. They also announced last Thursday that early bird pricing has been extended to the end of the month, so if you haven't got a ticket, now's a good time.

I'll be presenting on two topics at the conference: AOP for ColdFusion with ColdSpring, and leveraging Java from ColdFusion. Both really ought to be "CFML" instead of "ColdFusion"; I expect I'll be using either Open BlueDragon or Railo for the presos, but time will tell.

In related news, I've since learned that the lighthouse in my blog header is about 20 miles (I'm from the US, what do you want?) from Brighton. We'll see if I can swing a trip over there to get a picture of me with it. It's kind of humorous that I'd been using that photo for well over four years without knowing where it was, and now I'm going to be flying half way around the world and end up 20 miles from it.

2 responses to “Speaking at CFDevCon”

  1. Peter Bell

    Too funny re: lighthouse!

    Looking forward to finally meeting you in person – I'll also be presenting something at CFDevCon.

  2. Nick Tong

    Great to have you talking Barney.