Report/Query DSLs Update

I've posted a simple demo app for both DSLs that you can play with. It's included in the distribution as index.cfm, so you'll get it if you pull down the source from SVN. I've also created a readme.txt file in the distribution with the text of my intro blog post.

I also made a very minor (though backwards incompatible) update to my Query DSL implementation. There is a convertToSimpleCriterion method, designed to be overridden by subclasses if necessary. The initial implementation contained the logic for processing negated terms (those prefixed with '-' or '!'), and for splitting terms into predicate/value pairs. Since that's part of the DSL implementation's job, that needed to b done by the internal methods, so the behaviour would be inherited by any subclasses. I've changed the convertToSimpleCriterion method to be passed all three parts individually, so the parsing can live inside the core of the implementation.

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