Tokamak is Offline

I've had a Linux workstation (named tokamak) as my primary computer for the past several years, and until this past year, work was exclusively Linux as well.  Tonight, for the first time in literally years, I took tokamak offline.  It'll come back on, rest assured, but it's off, and it's weird.

I got a new Thinkpad last month, and set up all my development environments on it using VMWare to virtualize Linux servers (as that's what all my production boxes are).  I knew it'd work before I did it, but I'm amazed at how smoothly it goes.  I use the host OS for everything, and just map shared drives, so all my code is executed strictly in a Linux environment.  I.e. my only Eclipse install is in Windows, and my only Apache/CF/MySQL instances are Linux.  Just use Apache to assemble my url-space out of the '/mnt/hgfs/workspace' directory (a link to my Eclipse workspace), and done.  I can have any set of servers online at a time, and manage all the deployed code on them from a single Eclipse workspace, even running the exact same copy of a given project on multiple VMs (for different CF versions, for example) concurrently.

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