Contest Update

For those of you who missed it, I posted a little contest this morning and have gotten a whopping zero submissions!  There is still time to submit a solution, but be quick, as my solution (just the base, not extra credit) will be published tomorrow morning.  I'll be posting a full solution (with the extra credit) Friday morning.  If you tried and gave up, you're smart.  ;)  It's really circuitous for how simple it seems on the surface, and way more effort than it ought to be.  That being said, I'm quite interested in how other people have solved, or would approach solving, the problem.

And for my wife's sake, I didn't do this so someone else could do my work for me.  I have my solutions already; I did it because I'm interested in other approaches.

One response to “Contest Update”

  1. Damon Gentry

    I tried, but had to give up as I didn't have enough time to solve the problem. Having never used CFIMAGE before, it gave me the opportunity to go learn about this cool new tag. Keep these contests going!