i wanna go wii, part two (SchemaTool)

I've been using a little schema management tool for a while now, and thought I'd release it into the wild.  And I just submitted it to Ben's CFUNITED/Wii contest. The submitted build is available here, as well as on Ben's site (post-contest).

In a nutshell, the tool provides a home for storing all your schema migrations in a reusable and managed location.  Then it takes care of updating any schema it gets deployed against automatically.  This keeps your schema definition in code, so you're assured that your DB changes are always released at exactly the same time your code is released.  If you've got a lot of environments (home, work, laptop, production, etc.), it can save a lot of time, because the database is just always right.

2 responses to “i wanna go wii, part two (SchemaTool)”

  1. Peter Bell

    Congrats on winning – you got Wii :->