Between Posts Plugin for WordPress

I wrote a little WordPress plugin for managing content between posts on listing pages.  Since those listings are time based, the "between" space is governed by the date range between the posts above and below it.  The actual impetus for it was to inject a history of my bike rides into my blog, without them being actual entries (and therefore included in feeds).  If you scroll down a bit, you can see an example.

The files are available for download, should you wish to use them.   Since there isn't a native hook for "between posts", I had to create my own.  Consequently, installation is more than just drop in the plugin and activate.  Inside 'between-post-registry.php' there is an example of the code that needs to be added to your display template(s) with The Loop that renders entries.  Once that's set up, you can add as many other between post plugins as you want, and they'll all be executed for each "between".  Included are two examples: a very simple test that just outputs the date range, and the bike ride plugin I'm currently using.  The latter has a database dependency and is really only there as a more complex example, not as something directly useful.

If anyone's interested in the bicycle database schema, I'd be happy to share, just leave a comment.

One response to “Between Posts Plugin for WordPress”

  1. J. Mihai

    Thanks for the links, I will check out some of the files available for download there. Else, good look further with your projects and I am eager to see some of your articles.

    J. Mihai