Windows Strikes Again

So I just got a new HP Pavilion laptop, running Vista.  First thing to do out of the box (after waiting the 15 minutes for Windows to start the first time) was connect to the network.  No dice.  Tried everything I could think of.  Guess what fixed it.


Glad to know I won't have to learn any new debugging techniques with the latest version.

2 responses to “Windows Strikes Again”

  1. Derek P.

    You know, you probably could have restarted the networking service under computer management > services and avoided that reboot. thats really all a reboot does is reload all the services sequentially. (yes I am aware that more happens, but in the case of something magically working after a reboot, this is more often the case that could have solved it)

  2. Geoff B

    What happened to OSX? An HP? Sad.

    Anyway.. just thought I would drop a note and let you know that you are still sorely missed. Sniff.