Barney "No Ball" Boisvert

Due to the unending courtesy of Sim, I am now known as "no ball", it seems.  I want to clarify that I do have balls (two of them, to be precise), and that they are in perfect working order.  The only change is that the sperm they produce will no longer be leaving my body.  As expected my vasectomy took all of 30 minutes, and I was back at the house within an hour of arriving at the doctor's.  Couple little snips, a touch with the lightsaber of death, and then some sutures and I'm golden.  Post-op, including a sperm count to confirm my infertility, is scheduled in 10 weeks, but hopefully it won't take that long to clear the existing sperm out.  Right Heather?  ;)

5 responses to “Barney "No Ball" Boisvert”

  1. charlie griefer

    i nominate a new CFeMmy category… blog posting that made me squirm the most.

    i'm actually planning on having "the procedure" done early next year. my wife's due to deliver #3 in March, and we've no intention of a #4 (we were on the fence as to whether or not we wanted 3…we pretty much know we don't want 4).

  2. Simeon

    Hey Man its my job to be supportive of your "situations" so thats why I poke at your hernia mesh, and tease you about being half a man.

    What kind of a friend would I be if I didnt make the most of your testic-less problems :)

  3. Jim

    WAAAY to much 411 :) Hope you got some pain pills for the boys!

    Old guy at my office used to run around saying "I'm shooting blanks now!" I always thought that was funny…

  4. rob

    I like you. You have balls. I like balls.

    (in case people don't get the reference:

  5. Damon

    I had 'the procedure' done….twice. First one didn't take. May you have better luck than I did. The 2nd one isn't as easy as the first one is because they have to go in and really clean house to make sure it gets done right. Think roto-rooter.