To BlogCFC or not to BlogCFC…

Currently my blog (along with my wife's, my sister's, and my sister-in-law's), runs on a custom amalgamation of technologies: MovableType in a 'service' role, custom JSP frontend, custom CFML admin area.

As happens to nearly every small personal project that evolves over several years, the piecemeal nature of the system is starting to be a burden.  So I'm looking into rebuilding, and I'm considering Ray's BlogCFC as a base, which seems to generally be the system of choice for CF blogs.

However, I wanted to solicit some community feedback first, particularly regarding ease of extension.  As well as the core blog, the other three blogs that would be using it must support blog-bound photo galleries, customized skinability, and a few other features, all of which aren't tied to the core premise of blogging, and therefore outside BlogCFC's area of responsibilty.  The trick, of course, is that the users must be unaware (as they are now) that the blogging system is a separate system from the gallery system: they just sign into the admin and do their thing.

So, comment away: I'm listenting….

11 responses to “To BlogCFC or not to BlogCFC…”

  1. Critter

    I currently use blogfusion(.com). It's pretty easy to skin, there is a photo gallery attached..etc.. version 5 which is soon to be out looks to have a load of niceness as well…

  2. Sami Hoda

    MachBlog? (Coming Soon?)

  3. John

    another vote for blogfusion. Jake's got a really kick ass app. I'm anxiously awaiting V5, but 4 has totally rocked. I have two blogs, my wife, one all on blogfusion. very flexible.

  4. Andrea Veggiani

    I'm the creator so i'm not super-partes, but keep a try to AVBlog (

    And if you have questions feel free to write me.

  5. Dave Ross

    Use farcry. Its built-in "news" content type is about 98% of the way towards being a blog – plus the entire system is designed to be customized and extended. BlogCFC will always be tied to one big procedural singleton (not that that's terrible, but just not a good architecture for developer extension).


  6. doug sims

    I'm with Dave, If you are looking for something that is extendable, farcry is where it is at. then when someone needs to add a podcast or some other new content type, you are working inside of a extenable framework, rather than just tacking something on top of blog software

  7. Raymond Camden

    I'm probably a bit biased, but I say go with BlogCFC. ;) Seriously, if you look into it, and decide against it, please let me know. I certainly will not be offended. Anything I can do to improve the product will help others as well.

  8. Sean Tierney

    Wordpress seems to be the popular one outside the CF community, i have minor experience with it and 2.0 has some nice features including strong anti-spam measures built-in, rich editor, nice URL's and customizeable layout. It's also extensible through a plugin architecture (my partner actually wrote the Structured blogging plugin for WP). My roommate swears by Typo ( I've played with others including plog, pivot, nucleus and moveable type and in the end I went w/ BlogCFC for mine because it seemed the easiest to tweak given my background w/ CF. I would have gone with Wordpress had I not used BlogCFC.


  9. Mark are doing a blog app.

    Got to be worth checking out (I am assuming it will use flash cfforms)

  10. Mark

    Go with blogCFC. Point your users to Flickr.
    Suggest ways to make anything reskinnable. (I am thinking Mr Myers colour blender to set up a pallette)

    Maybe change the singleton to treat blogs like any other content?

    (steal a few good ideas from farCry)

  11. Tuggle

    I think your blog rocks as is. But I know upgrading is inevitable. Whatever you pick I hope you keep a similar look and feel. Your blog is somewhat unique and it stands out amist the other CF blogs. Nothing against Ray's product, but I can spot a BlogCFC blog a mile away.