Death to DevNet Edition

So I just set up a CF7 server a week or two
ago and started moving one of my apps over to it.  We use the
CF6.1 DevNet edition on our dev servers, and it's great.  I
figured I'd do the same with CF7.  All going along great until I
start testing our admin area, which relies heavily on JS remoting, and
that damned DevNet META tag completely breaks it.

CF6.1, you could just use CFCONTENT to set the content type to
something, and the META tag would magically vanish.  But on CF7,
it appears to be impossible to make the META tag disappear. 
Ordinarily, I wouldn't care too much, except that it completely breaks my application
(not to mention prevents doctype sniffing from working
correctly).  So after screwing around for what seemed like
forever, I finally gave
up, archived my settings (my god is that cumbersome), undeployed CF,
generated some developer-edition WARs, deployed those, and restored my
settings. Fortunately, I can get by with the IP restrictions.

Things seem to be all good
now, but man was that not how I wanted to spend my Saturday night. I
know DevNet is going away and all, but you'd think they'd at least make
it usable if they took the effort to release a DevNet edition of CF7.

One response to “Death to DevNet Edition”

  1. Rob Brooks-Bilson

    I feel your pain. We have the same problem here with the DevNet shared dev servers we have setup. That Meta tag breaks the file download piece of one of our main applications, which becomes a big problem for us when we are trying to troubleshoot a problem!