I'm Back

After a gloriously long holiday break (nearly two full weeks), I'm
finally back to real life.  I won't say that I've missed it, but
it is kind of nice to be back into a routine.  And now, the
obligatory quick recap.

Aside from a botched trip to Victoria, BC (things are closed on New
Years Day, imagine that ;), the holidays were quite nice.  It's
the first length time I've really gotten to spend with Lindsay, which
was very enjoyable.  She's almost a year old now. 
Amazing.  Got the mandatory Legos for Christmas, a very cool pneumatic truck
I managed to make an air-powered catapult with that set alone, but now
that I'm back home, I can mix it up with all my old sets, and I'm sure
something really cool will come of it.  Also while I was gone,
another check came in from Fusium, so I'm up to $450 in the Free Barney fund.

The app I've been working on (and the source of my BlueDragon woes) is
done.  It's a new backend for this site, including online image
editing and management.  Nothing complex, but enough to occupy my
evenings for a couple weeks, especially with the troubleshooting. 
As a Christmas present to my sister and sister-in-law, I set up a site
for each of them (Hawaii Boisverts and The Whisler Life, respectively) on the system, in addition to this site and The Boisvert Life.  They're now happily blogging away, photo galleries and all.

That's about it for the past two weeks.  Once I get a little more settled, the normal posts will resume.

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