New PasswordSafe Coming

I got an email from a user of PasswordSafe this morning saying that he'd made some very nice improvements to the project, and wanted to contribute them back to the code. A new encryption algorithm, some enhancements to the UI (tooltips and shortcut keys), a new icon set, and the ability to print out the data file.

The new encryption algorithm will create a version incompatibilty, and likely necessitate an export/import of the datafile when upgrading. However, that's a one-time cost. There will be at least one more version using the current (Blowfish-based) codebase that will add the ability to export to and import from a text file.

I'm going to start on the import/export functionality tonight (hopefully), so that should be coming out soon. Not sure when the new version will be released, but hopefully sooner than later, as I want the enhanced version for my own personal use as well.

Note, I actually have no idea if Raif (the other developer) is a he or a she, as the name isn't familiar to me. I've used "he" because it's one less character. Hopefully I don't offend. ; )

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