Flash MX'04 Pro

I was playing around with Flash MX '04 Pro, particularly the WebServiceConnector to set up a little browser for PIER. Pretty slick, all in all, especially the stock GUI components that Macromedia provides. However, there didn't seem to be a way to bind a BomboBox directly to a DataSet, unless you happened to have the good fortune of having the appropriate columns named 'data' and 'label', which never happens. Only way to do it that I could find was to expicitly loop over the contents of the DataSet (or the raw result from the WebServiceConnector) and populate the ComboBox manually. What a pain in the ass!

If anyone from MM happens to read this, please fix that. It worked just fine in Flash MX, no reason to have made it impossible in '04. Data binding is supposed to make your life easier, not complicate stuff so you spend a couple hours trying to figure it out, and then have to do it the bad old way anyway.

2 responses to “Flash MX'04 Pro”

  1. Simeon

    I really enjoy using the MX04 products and feel as though I am becoming familiar with the components within. However I don't think I have run across a BomboBox yet. Is that one you extended for your own purposes?

  2. barneyb

    Yes, that should be "ComboBox" obviously, just like later in the post. Such an ass. ; )