April 2009

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The Saga Continues

So my routing issues to my old box are still in force.  Sporadic, inconsistent, the whole mess.  Their NetOps team seems to think it's something on my box, but I don't see how it could be my box if certain routes always work, while the offending route fails sometimes.  I've got a single NIC, a [...]

ƒµ©Ҝ You WordPress

In my WordPress MU migration, I made the delightful discovery that it will not serve on a 'www' subdomain.  Period.  It will answer, but it will never regard a 'www' subdomain as canonical, and always assume the bare domain is the right spot to serve from.
Fuck You, WordPress.
While I certainly agree that the behaviour of [...]

Routing Issues

Complex Drive is having some issues with routing traffic to my current server from certain locations. So if you can't get to my site, that's why. Seems that a relatively small portion of the internet actually passes through the offending router, so that's good. Unfortunately, Mentor is one of those locations, so [...]

Server Stories

Got a whole bunch of work done on my new box this evening.  Still lots to do, but well on my way.  Pluggable on-box backups for MySQL, pluggable S3 backups for arbitrary files, a WordPress MU skeleton, a few Tomcats, base HTTPD config, even a ColdFusion instance.  Unfortunately, the majority of my stuff runs on [...]

Watch Your Column Types

I've been bit by this twice in the past few months: comparing database columns that aren't the same type is really really expensive.  If you've only got a few rows, no big deal, but if you've got a few hundred thousand (or a few tens of millions) it makes a huge difference.  And varchar is [...]

OBD is On The Ball

Both of the bugs I found in Open BlueDragon while working on CFGroovy have been fixed.  Yay for being on the ball.  The bugs were that CFDIRECTORY didn't recurse if you used a filter and that numberFormat didn't accept java.math.BigDecimal as a valid number.

CFGroovy Updates

I made a bunch of updates to CFGroovy tonight, mostly centered around two main objectives:

refocus on the original objective, inline Groovy scriptlets
support Open BlueDragon

The first objective is based on my experience developing the last couple apps I've used CFGroovy on.  Hibernate is kickass, but neither of the apps used it; they only used CFGroovy for [...]

CFGroovy for Open BlueDragon!

Doing some hacking around this evening and got CFGroovy to successfully run simple scripits on Open BlueDragon 1.0.1.  It still doesn't support array/struct literals (WTF?) so the engine won't run in it's entirety, but the core integration flow works.  That's promising.  There are still a pile of issues to work out (like some major path-related [...]

The Latest ColdFusion Mindƒµ©Ҝ

It's pretty common knowledge that ColdFusion passes arrays to UDF by value, and not by reference like pretty much every other language.  It's a weird behaviour, but as long as you remember to write array-processing functions to be used like this:
<cfset myArray = modifyArray(myArray) />
instead of like this:
<cfset modifyArray(myArray) />
you'll be fine.  However, someone pointed [...]

Functional Programming Languages

Ever done functional programming?  Chances are you'll say "no", but you'll probably be wrong.  Javascript is a functional language, and while a lot of people use it in a procedural and/or object oriented way (\me raises hand), it's foundation is functional.  Same deal with ActionScript.  Used Groovy?  Ruby?  Python?  None are functional (let [...]