June 2008

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Comparators in CF with Groovy

I don't know about anyone else, but wanting to create little ad hoc Java classes in my CF apps in a common occurrence for me.  With my CF Groovy project, it's both possible and very easy.  No Java, no compiling, no classloading hacks.
Here's a simple example.  I'm going to create an array of structs and [...]

Speaking at CFDevCon

I'm pleased to say that I'll be speaking at CFDevCon this September over in Brighton, England. The conference should be a great one: lots of great speakers, lots of great topics, and what should be a great location. They also announced last Thursday that early bird pricing has been extended to the end [...]

CF Groovy

Those of you who remember CF Rhino will recognize the name for my latest little project. I whipped up a small proof-of-concept integration for Groovy into CF apps tonight while playing with some classloading issues within Groovy itself.
Groovy has a number of advantages for this type of integration of JavaScript, the biggest one being [...]